pantone uv
MoCA Nashville
november 2018



project vol.1
003 archive, seoul, korea
june 2018

20th anniversary exhibition
locust projects
april 2018

lvl3 gallery
february 2018


selective outrage
solo exhibition
tempe digital
december 2017


palindrome park
solo exhibition
young at art museum
may - october 2017


which way, that way
first amendment gallery
august 2017


portals & dimensions
duane reed gallery
august 2017


planet sculpture
mac art
april 2017


nu geometry
mirus gallery
march 2017


100+ degrees in the shade
curated by jane hart
February 2017





My work examines the underlying nodes that make up physical reality through the use of historically grounding visual elements, reminiscent of Italian Futurism, 1980’s analog computer graphics, Post-restoration Art Deco color palettes, Op Art, and Finish Fetish. 

At its center lies a drive to recollect and arrest memories, marked by displacement and loss, as well as a future-forward aesthetic that dares to question the boundaries of biology and technology, the physical and the virtual, charting a holistic, common space within the increasingly fluid perimeters that are shaping contemporary culture.

A heightened sense of dimension and depth emerges through the use of unorthodox painting techniques that involve the intricate layering of pigment and plastics. What at first glance appears to be the result of countless hours spent with graphic design software is revealed upon closer examination to be meticulously handcrafted combinations of media, including acrylic, spray enamel, stone, and epoxies, applied on varied surfaces. Dense with movement while deliberately balancing explosiveness and strict order, vibrancy and dreaminess, power and release, a delicate and soothing broader vision emerges, summoning an oeuvre of subtle focus on healthcare and restoration.


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