Born on July 2 in Catania, Italy

Lives and works in South Florida, USA


Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, Ostfildern, Germany


Palindrome Park, Solo Installation - Young At Art Museum, Davie, FL
Portals & Dimensions, Group Exhibition - Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Sensor-Aid, Solo Exhibition - Knew Conscious Gallery, Denver, CO
Planet Sculpture, Group exhibition - MAC Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nu Geometry, Group Exhibition - Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA
100+ Degrees in the Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art, Group Exhibition - Art Palm Beach, FL. Curated by Jane Hart
Which Way, That Way, Group Exhibition - First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco, CA
SOFA Chicago - Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Selective Outrage, Solo Exhibition - Tempe Digital, Tempe, AZ
Solo Installation for Young At Art Museum - Art Miami Expo, Miami, FL

Never Far Away, Three-person exhibition with Morgan Blair & Zoe Nelson - LVL3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art City Fair, Austin, TX - Circuit12 Contemporary, Dallas, TX
9 Grams, Group Exhibition - Fort Works Art, Fort Worth, TX
SCOPE New York - Joseph Gross Gallery, NYC

100+ Degrees in the Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art, Group Exhibition, Miami, FL.  Curated by Nina Arias, Chris Ingalls & Jane Hart
Leave A Message, Group Exhibition - Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL. Curated by Tes One
NONOBJECTIVE : A SURVEY OF ABSTRACTION, Group Exhibition - Circuit12 Contemporary, Dallas, TX
SCOPE New York - Damien A. Roman Fine Art
Art Market + Design, Bridgehampton, NY - Damien A. Roman Fine Art
Winter Group Show - Joseph Gross Gallery, NYC
IRIDESCENCE, Group Exhibition - Shore Club Miami Beach, FL.  Curated by Hannah Stouffer & Sarah Potter
The Machine Show, Group Exhibition - Swampspace, Miami, FL.  Curated by Oliver Sanchez

SCOPE Miami Beach - Natology Projects
Texas Contemporary - Damien A. Roman Fine Art
artMRKT Hamptons - Vered Gallery
Some Like It Hot, Group Exhibition - HistoryMiami Museum, FL.  Curated by Brandon Opalka
Acid Reflux, Group Exhibiton, The Projects, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Curated by Lisa Rockford
LA Art Show - Thinkspace Gallery
Art Hamptons - Evan Lurie Gallery
Palm Springs Fine Art Fair - Evan Lurie Gallery

ADVENT, Solo Exhibition - Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL.  Curated by Jane Hart
SCOPE Miami Beach - Thinkspace Gallery
Annual Interest, Group Exhibition - Young At Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Curated by Zack Spechler & Rory Carracino
Milestone #1, Group Exhibition - Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, TX.  Curated by Dustin & Gina Orlando
Geometry of Chance, Group Exhibition - Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA

SCOPE Miami Beach - Circuit 12 Contemporary
Lightning Strikes Twice, Group Exhibition - Circuit 12 Contemporary & Mary Tomás Gallery.  Curated by Dustin & Gina Orlando
Art on the Edge 2011, Group Exhibition - Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY.  Curated by Damien Roman
Suggestivism NYC, Group Exhibition - Bold Hype Gallery, NYC.  Curated by Nathan Spoor

Art on the Edge 2011 Group Exhibition - Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY.  Curated by Damien Roman
PARTY ANIMALS Group Exhibition - Royal/T, Culver City, CA.  Curated by Lindsay Scoggins
Suggestivism Group Exhibition - Grand Central Art Center, California State University, Fullerton.  Curated by Nathan Spoor

Recent Work, Solo Exhibition - Butter Gallery, Miami, FL
AQUA Art Fair, Miami Beach - C. Emerson Fine Arts
Art on the Edge: The New Contemporary - Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY.  Curated by Damien Roman & Francesco Lo Castro
STROKE 02 - Urban Art Fair, Munich, Germany.  Curated by Hot Cheese Crew
Sapience Group Exhibition - C. Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL.  Curated by Lori Johns
Movers & Shakers, Group Exhibition - Ronin Gallery, Silverlake, CA.  Curated by Gino Joukar
Crystal Monoliths, Group Exhibition - Cafeina Gallery, Miami.  Curated by Jose Mertz & Johnny Robles
Believe The Hype Miami, Group Exhibition - Eazy Street Gallery, Miami.  Curated by Bold Hype Gallery and Dustin Orlando

AQUA Art Fair, Miami - Bold Hype Gallery
305//NEON LIFE, Solo Exhibition - Kidrobot, Miami Beach, FL
Monster? Group Exhibition - Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.  Curated by Travis Louie
Yes We Can! Group Exhibition - Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy.  Curated by Alexandra Mazzanti
Family Tradition Group Exhibition, touring L.A.. NYC & Manila, Philippines.  Curated by Ron English
Black Pop Surrealism Group Exhibition - The Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, NJ.  Curated by Jenn Hampton, Parlor Gallery
Believe The Hype Group Exhibition - Bold Hype Gallery, Orlando, FL.  Curated by Dustin Orlando
New Brow SXSW Film Premiere& Group Exhibition - Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX .  Curated by Justin Giarla, Shooting Gallery
Super School Group Exhibition - Copro Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.  Curated by Lola Gil
Blender Group Exhibition - Full Circle Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Curated byPeter Giovenco

Gen ArtVANGUARD Fair, Miami - Charcoal Studios, Miami, FL.  Directed by Francesco Lo Castro
Diversity of Talent Art Exhibition - Credit Suisse Headquarters, 10 Madison Ave, New York City, NY.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Scion Installation 5, Group Exhibition & National Tour
Ginzatropicalia, Group Exhibition, Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Crimes on Canvas, Group Exhibition - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.  Curated by Jay Nailor, M Modern Gallery
FURORE Group Exhibition - Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Pop Subversion, Group Exhibition - Ad Hoc Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.  Curated by Andrew Michael Ford

Gen Art Vanguard Group Exhibition, Art Basel Miami Beach, FL.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Elevation Group Exhibition - Limited Addiction Gallery, Denver, CO
PSYCHE Solo Exhibition - Antikulture Gallery, Miami, FL
$coundrels Group Exhibition - The Venice Contemporary, Venice Beach, CA.  Curated by Dane Jensen
Scion Installation 4 Group Exhibition & National Tour

We’ll Make A Lover Of You Group Exhibition - Art Center/ South Florida, Art Basel Miami Beach, FL. Curated by Francesco Lo Castro in association with Merry Karnowsky Gallery, LA, The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco & Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC
Life Size Group Exhibition - Scion Installation, Culver City, CA.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Collections Group Exhibition - Scion Installation, Culver City, CA.  Curated by Roger Gastman
Touching from a Distance, Solo Exhibition - Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ
Subterfuge, 3 Person Exhibition with Nathan Spoor and Kevin Peterson - Thinkspace, Los Angeles, CA
Power in Numbers, Group Exhibition - Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA
Up! Group Exhibition - Lineage Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Parallel Universe II, Group Exhibition - Rectangle Artspace, Art Basel Miami, FL.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Monsters of Lowbrow, Group Exhibition - Greco Studios, Miami, FL.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Culture Shock, Group Exhibition - Buena Vista Building, Miami Design District, FL.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
Untitled, Group Exhibition - Fuse Gallery, NYC
Cannibal Flower: Downside Up, Upside Down, Group Exhibition - Copro Nason Gallery, Culver City, CA

Parallel Universe Group Exhibition - SRX Studios, Art Basel Miami.  Curated by Francesco Lo Castro
The Art of Propaganda, Group Exhibition - Woodstock Art Festival, Woodstock, NY.  Curated by Bruce Bart & Curse Mackey
1984 Group Exhibition - The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Ubiquitous Images of a Decadent Society, Solo Exhibition - Objex Artspace, Miami, FL

The Debut Exhibition, Group Show - L’ Art Noir Gallery, New Orleans, LA.  Curated by Jeffrey Holmes
Faking It Through The Day, Group Exhibition - 1300 Gallery, Cleveland, OH.  Curated by Dustin Orlando
Repeat Offenders, Group Exhibition - Covivant Gallery, Tampa, FL 

Irritantilize, Group Exhibition - The Wheelbarrow Gallery, Denver, CO  
No Show, Group Exhibition - Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL. Curated by Robert Chambers
Römersee Kunstfestival, Bad Rappenau, Germany
Section 7, Group Exhibition - Objex Artspace, Miami, FL

Fusion, Group Exhibition - The Museum of History, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Curated by Nina Arias
The Creep Show, Group Exhibition - LaLush Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL
HORTT42, Group Exhibition - ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Controversy, Juried Group Exhibition - The Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL